‘Introduction to Bowen’ workshops

Come and learn this wonderful skill!

Through Bowen College UK I’m offering ‘Introduction to Bowen’ workshops for anyone wanting to learn how to give simple whole-body treatments.

No previous experience is needed, and it’s very hands-on. By the end of 2 days, students have not only the knowledge, but also the skills and confidence to start treating people straight away. The moves learned are suitable for anyone, from little babies to frail elderly people, and everyone in between.

“It was amazing – I’m just stunned at how much powerful information Jan passed on to us during those two days.  I’m so grateful.”  – Ms. A, Shropshire

Why I began my Bowen training – what is your reason?

Many Bowen practitioners did not set out to become therapists. They simply experienced or witnessed a remarkable recovery through this gentle treatment, often when all else had failed. They were so intrigued that they joined a training course to learn more, and then fell in love with both the work, and the ability to help others in such a practical way.

This is what happened to me. My friend was booked in for an operation for the disabling and painful carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrists, but after 3 Bowen treatments her symptoms had completely disappeared. As a former physiotherapist, I was shocked by this extraordinary recovery, and had to find out more.

On my first training course I learned the same foundational moves people learn in this workshop, and as I started using them with my case studies I was delighted to see similar surprising responses. I’m still amazed sometimes by the effectiveness of Bowen, and am very grateful that I took the step to train.

I find it awe-inspiring that my first recipient, who arrived hunched and uncertain, stood tall and confident after having the Bowen treatment I learned from Jan. ” Ms J, Shropshire

Bowen workshops now in the Midlands

These workshops are taking place all over the UK, and I am delighted to become the tutor bringing this training course to Shropshire and the Midlands. Current Shrewsbury dates are:

  • 25th-26th May
  • 22nd-23rd June
  • 21st-22nd Sept

I am happy to travel to you if you have a group of people (friends, a club or workplace) who are interested. Please contact me to discuss options.

” Jan’s gentle teaching and therapy technique belie a powerful method for healing the body and calming the mind. ” – Ms J, Shropshire

Why you might want to learn Bowen

I believe this is a wonderful workshop, that gives people a solid grounding in the technique and application of a whole-body session. At the end of 2 days you leave ready to dive in and use your new skills. Reasons for taking the workshop are many, including:

  • support a friend or loved one with a chronic health problem
  • experience giving treatments in preparation for the full training
  • help children/grandchildren to settle
  • support family to deal with exam/work stress
  • aid a sportsperson to improve performance and prevent/treat injury
  • treat elderly people at home without the need to travel
  • promote health and wellbeing in the family
  • benefit colleagues at work
  • extend your understanding as a healthcare professional

” Jan is an exceptional teacher, she instantly understood my learning style and the difficulties I faced in following normal instructions. She easily adapted how she delivered the course meaning I was able to understand and build confidence in using the techniques. She has such a natural intuitive caring style that puts everyone at ease. “ – Ms H, Shropshire